• my team is:
  • Team 6
  • my team members are:
  • Andy and Kai
  • my robot is named:
  • Speedy
  • my experience with building my robot was:
  • first time
    • First we built the robot
    • Then we got the code from online
    • Then we created a new Java project called bumber cars
    • Then we added the Libraries
    • Then we converted the Project
    • Then we uploaded the code to the Robot
    • and the robot started driving its self

Algorithms and Objects

  • What is the difference between float and int?
  • float stores floating-point values.
  • int only stores integral values, that is, whole numbers.
  • What is the difference between an operator and an operand?
  • X=10, Y=20 and Z= 30 so X, Y and Z are called operands.
    Similarly X+Y+Z so + is the operator.
  • What do I find in the console window in Eclipse?
  • When you are about to save your program.
  • What is the difference between an IDE and a text editor?
  • Sometimes an IDE can make development faster.
  • What do I call a loop that never ends?
  • An infinite loop.
  • What is AI?
  • What do I find most confusing right now?
  • I think variables is the hardest part of programming.


Data Types and Data Structures

What is the difference between a Data Type and a Data Structure?
A data structure is an abstract description of a way of organizing data to allow certain operations on it to be performed well.
A data type is a class of concrete objects that all share some property.

What is an Array (http://mathbits.com/MathBits/Java/arrays/Onedim.htm)?
This declaration declares an array named num that contains 10 integers.

What is MySQL (https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database)?
A database is a system for organizing data.

How does Bubble Sort work? (http://mathbits.com/MathBits/Java/arrays/Bubble.htm)?
In the bubble sort, as elements are sorted they gradually rise to their proper location in the array

What is an Algorithm?
A process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations.

How you would convert 101101 in Binary to Decimal.
multiply all the numbers by the 2 to the power in order and add all of them up. You should get 45.

What is Object Oriented Programming?
It allows you to create a program that can use and support objects.


Programming fundamentals

What is the difference among: int, float, bool, and char. What do each of them mean?
int is short for integer which tells the program when i put these sets of words that’s what the numbers are for. bool is sort of like the binary code. char means character.
What is the difference between ”=” and ”==”?
= and == the first one means to compare. the second one means 0.
Why do we use variables in programming?
to help the computer understand what we say.
Why do we use loops in programming?
so we can see if there are mistakes in the script we have created.


computer programming can be fun. it depends on what you are doing. Personally scratch is the best prgram.